Happy New Year… my year in crochet!

Happy New Year! As we leave 2020, a year like no other, and enter 2021 with some apprehension but also hope, I’m writing this blog post to look back at my crochet in 2020 and also to what projects there are to look forward to in 2021!

When I look back at 2020, there has certainly been a lot of crochet for me and like many people, I found that it provided me with not only a focus and distraction, but the soothing stitches and keeping my hands busy has been a real comfort. I’ve been very grateful for my crochet in 2020!

And being able to share that on social media and connect with fellow crochet lovers all over the world has been truly wonderful!

Yesterday on Instagram I shared my ‘Top 9’ Instagram posts from 2020…

I’m really happy that Salty with my stack of blankets was the favourite photo of the year – that’s one of my favourite photos too!

A few of the photos are from previous years but I’ve shared them again at some point during 2020 and it looks like they’re still popular. But there are many projects that didn’t make my ‘Top 9’ and it’s been really lovely to look back at my 2020 year in crochet… here goes! 🙂


I released the free pattern for my ‘Beach Walks’ hat, exactly one year ago today!


My Salty Schnauzer Tunisian crochet cushion design was published in issue 94 of Simply Crochet magazine. It is of course a very special design indeed!

I was also very fortunate to visit the Simply Crochet team in Bristol and spend the day with the editor Sara Huntington. This was for Salty to model for the magazine! It was a matter of weeks before the first Covid lockdown and I’m so grateful that we were still able to enjoy this wonderful day…


I was crocheting hearts for the ‘International Yarn Bombing Festival’ due to be held in Italy in August which sadly got cancelled.

I also took part in a virtual book tour for fellow crochet designer Cassie Ward and I crocheted this top from her new book…


April saw the launch of my ‘Beachcombing Blanket’ crochet along. A design I’m really proud of and the timing of the crochet along during the first lockdown made it extra special with people connecting all over the world. It really was a special community project and I enjoyed filming weekly videos to accompany the crochet along!

And the result of Salty’s modelling adventure was published in issue 96 of Simply Crochet magazine with my dog bandana design!

I crocheted rainbows for my NHS colleagues who had been redeployed during the first wave of Coronavirus… they really are a beautiful symbol of hope! 🥰🌈


My Daisy bouquet was published in issue 97 of Simply Crochet magazine…


I designed the wonderful ‘Marilla the Mermaid’ for Little Box of Crochet. I adore her and she’s definitely one of my favourite crochet designs!

June also saw my 12 week Beachcombing Blanket crochet along come to an end…


I took part in the Hobbycraft Granny Square month and designed this ammonite square…

And I created some free form crochet inspired by my coastal discoveries…

July also saw the arrival of my great nephew Harrison! And I designed an octopus baby comforter…

Many of my crochet workshops and travels were cancelled throughout 2020 which has been a real shame and I’ve missed meeting so many of you face to face. But I did manage just a handful of workshops at the fabulous Made and Making. It’s a large, spacious and airy workshop location and one was back in July…


Those of you who have followed my blog for a while will know we usually enjoy travels in our campervan and I have shared many of those adventures and the crochet I see along the way here on my blog. But alas, 2020 saw many travel plans cancelled. We did however manage one trip to beautiful Cornwall where I was able to model my new dress design ‘Coastal Dreams’!

And I crocheted a new version of my ‘Late Summer Sunsets’ blanket in all new colours for The Knitting Network.

My Coastal Granny Square was featured in issue 100 of Simply Crochet magazine…


My ‘Pebbles’ cushion design was published in issue 101 of Simply Crochet magazine…

And I published a new shawl design called Autumn Horizon’s… totally inspired by beautiful hand dyed yarn which was sent to me!


In October I hosted a mini ‘Coastal Crochet Coasters’ crochet along…


And in November I designed a new simple beanie using Tunisian crochet…


My fringed scarf design was published in issue 105 of Simply Crochet magazine.

I hosted one more workshop at Made and Making…

And designed a simple ‘Festive Light’ decoration…

Wow!! 🙂 So there’s my 2020 year in crochet… looking back for this blog post has made me realise just how much I have achieved! Why don’t you look back at all the things you’ve crocheted or made in 2020 and like me, you’ll probably see that you’ve achieved more than you realise! 🙂

Amongst the craziness of 2020 there have certainly been many silver linings and golden moments too… 🙂❤️

On a personal note, my 18 year old son was due to take a gap year and volunteer overseas in 2020 but this was inevitably cancelled. It meant he had to suddenly change his plans and he has gone back to college for one more year to do a songwriting course (he loves music). He’s really enjoying it and we often reflect that if it wasn’t for Covid he would never be doing this course… so there’s a silver lining! Life’s journey can certainly be unexpected…

So what will 2021 bring?!

Well at the moment, behind the scenes, my hooks have never been busier!

My next crochet along has been designed and I’m just waiting for yarn packs to come into stock at the Knitting Network before I can release all the information. I’m hoping for a start date of 26th February but will let you know more as soon as I can…

It’s going to be called ‘Picnic on the Beach’ and I’m hoping it will be a crochet along in which we share more than just the blanket but favourite picnic foods and picnic locations too!

There will be two colour ways…

A ‘Summer Picnic’…

…and an ‘Autumn Picnic’!

I can’t wait to show you more! 🙂

I currently have a new design for Simply Crochet magazine on my hooks. As you can see in 2020, I really love designing for this wonderful magazine. Magazines like this really do so much for bringing modern crochet designs to more people!

I’ve also been working on some other exciting commissions… yes there will be more blankets in 2021 and I can’t wait to show you what I’ve been up to!

I wish you all a creative and healthy 2021 with plenty of golden moments…

Happy Crocheting Everyone… 🙂❤️


  1. Happy New Year to you too! May 2021 be filled with happy moments of all kinds for everyone. Looking forward to reading more of your blogs this year, Eleonora. Enjoy your new projects.

      1. Eleonora,I have just found you!I am so inspired by your stunning designs and projects.
        I am an ADVANCED BEGINNER crocheted but would love to try the airy filet shawl and a blanket.Where do you get the yarns?I live in Canad.

      2. Hi Lori… for shawls I love to use hand dyed yarns from independent sellers. They are more expensive but very beautiful… there are lots based in Canada… have a look on ‘Etsy’ and search for hand dyed yarns… good luck! 🙂💙

  2. Thank you for sharing all of your beautiful creations with us. You are so talented and gracious to make your designs available to so many people. I have loved being challenged with learning new stitches and patterns. I look forward to your new CAL, without even seeing it. The colors are just beautiful. Thanks again.
    Happy New Year!

  3. Happy New Year Eleonora – you have achieved so much this year. We are blessed to have interests which can continue in spite of what is going on in the world around us. Hurray for crochet! Congratulations on your achievements and here’s to all the yarny fun 2021 has in store for us! 💕 xx

  4. Thank you Eleonora for inspiring so many of us. I only discovered you recently and am just sewing in all the ends of my version of your beautiful SSSB. Looking forward to seeing more of your photos and patterns. Happy new year to you and your family ❤️❤️

  5. Last year was my first year crocheting. Your Beachcombing blanket CAL was an absolute blessing during the lockdown last summer. I am now halfway through the beautiful Changing Tides blanket. Already looking forward to your next CAL. Thank you so much for the hard work you put into your spectacular designs. They have brought me so much joy. All the best for 2021. X

  6. What a wonderful year of beautifully, artistic designs!! I’m so thankful I found your Facebook page that day I was looking for crochet ideas!
    I enjoy your outside seaside photos so very much too!! And Salty! We have two schnauzers and it always warms my heart to see her walking along the beach.
    Can’t wait for the Picnic blanket!! Love the fall colors as much as Summer! Might have to make both!

    Happy New Year and here’s to 2021 as we crochet along across the pond for me.

    Kansas USA

    Becky 🧶 🌊 🧺 💜 🐕

  7. Happy new year , love this blog post , looking back at all you achieved in 2020, what a year it was , I too found your beachcombingblanket cal a great comfort in those stressful times especially as I worked all through it , so happy with the colours for your next cal , I might even manage to use up some of my stash , Thankyou for all you do ,

  8. Happy New Year!
    I’ve only been crocheting for just over a year and your SSSB taught me so much and gave me the confidence to adjust the pattern to make cushions to match of various sizes. Before I did your blanket I could only do a double and crochet stitch, now with your teaching I’ve done so much more. Thank you!
    I’m so looking forward to your next cal.
    Keep well

  9. Thank you for such bright and happy joy during the year. Keeping our minds and hands busy this last year was essential. Happy New 2021. We go forward….

  10. 2020 is the year I learn to crochet. That’s the one good thing that came out of the year. My favorite project of year, and there were many, was the Beachcombing Blanket. I can’t wait to do the next Cal. Now the hard part is deciding which colorway.

    Happy New Year! 🥳

  11. Happy New Year Eleonora to you, your family and Salty. Well done on all your beautiful creations. I am ashamed to say, I have still not blocked the seaside blanket. I think it is because I have nowhere suitable that it can be left for possibly days so I may try washing carefully and low tumble dry and see how it looks after that. I need to get it done and the edging because it is a ‘welcome to your new home’ gift. The recipients only moved in late Christmas Eve so I have told them I hope to get it to them later this month. I took part in the coastal coaster CAL and am currently making your latest fringed scarf. Love both colourways for the new picnic blanket and can’t wait to see the design. Salty is an amazing model bless her x

  12. We are starting the new year with a Schnauzer puppy, so not much free time for a bit! Getting along well with big sister Heidi. Hope to take part in one of your beautiful projects this year!

  13. Happy new year! First time visitor to your blog. Your crocheted rainbow really caught my eye. Did you have a pattern for that? Thanks!

      1. I have come across your page by accident.
        I would love to make the NHS rainbow and have found the link so thank you.
        You have made some amazing things.

        Best wishes

  14. Happy New Year hope it is better than last year, miss people. I also Quilt and miss my group, as you miss yours. Thank you for the pattern. Our we going to start a new weekly crochet. I am still having problems getting certain colours and if I order out of the country it takes for ever.

  15. I love your little crocheted hearts. Do you have a pattern for those? I’ve not seen that style before!

  16. Happy New Year! Loved reading this blog and your designs are fabulous! I am following and look forward to more in 2021. Thank you.

  17. Happy New Year and thank you for helping me through 2020. I have been trying to learn to crochet for years and was googling ideas during lockdown when I was drawn to your blog and your beautiful designs, especially as I was missing being able to go to the coast so much. I have ‘met’ so many lovely people on the FB page and am so looking forward to the next CAL – I have finished one stashbuster and have two more on the go. Thank you for all you do.

  18. You continue to inspire. I really enjoy how doable your crochet alongs are even though my seasons are opposite to yours way down here in NZ. You truly have a world following. Take care and keep those hooks moving. Bless you

  19. Happy healthy 2021 to you! Agree we have to look at the positive side of 2020. I finally learnt to crochet and did your Beachcombing Blanket as my first ever CAL and second ever project. It has been much admired and I’m very excited to see there’s a new CAL not too far away. Thank you for your beautiful designs and for the videos for the BCB as I could never have done it without them and I learnt so much!

  20. Hi Eleonora. You have created such beautiful things through crochet, I am awed by them.
    I just stumbled upon this page now and I find it so interesting because I’ve been thinking so much of crochet in these past few weeks, for 2021. I’m from South Africa and I would really love to crochet bedroom and bathroom rugs with cotton crochet. As soon as I’m able to go to the shops,I would like to purchase some. Any ideas on which cotton crochet to use or patterns for rugs? Thank you .
    Keep on crocheting your beautiful creations 🌹

    1. Hi Ansu… thank you so much for visiting my blog! There are lots of patterns available for crochet rugs. Have a look on ‘Ravelry’. Thicker cotton yarns work really well but can be heavy going on your hands so be extra careful! 🥰❤️❤️

  21. I’ve read your blog story with much joy. Your kindly words help me to get confidence for the future. 2020 was a very uncreative year to me. Only at the beginnung I made a scarf giving to a friend. And in the summer I crocheted 3 or 4 little mandalas. After that my hook stood still. Every day I saw my yarn but I didn’t get back my fire for crocheting. Also my fire for painting wasn’t there. Not only the pandamie was the reason. But your words are every contagiously. I like the ocean every much. Colours, too. It looks like there are some similarities between us. I’m looking with much joy forward to your crochet projects.😊❤🦀🐚🐙🦈🐡🐠

  22. Looking forward to the CAL. Love the autumn colors. Thank you for all you have done during Covid to help us bond over crochet.

  23. When I look back over my own year, I remember feeling very content, sat on the beach here in Cornwall making your wonderful CAL Beachcombing blanket in the bright sparkly sunshine while my children boy boarded. Thank you for your wonderful inspirations

  24. I just love your blog and you have really inspired me to do more crocheting. I also live near the ocean–in Florida, and it has always been special for me. I made two of your Seaside Stash Busting blanket for my kids this year. Thank you so much!

  25. So looking forward to the picnic Cal , I have loved beginning to crochet and am on my second blanket Happy New Year x

  26. Happy New Year from Ft. Lauderdale, FL Eleonora! I have enjoyed your designs this past year and can’t wait for your next CAL! Thank you for sharing your beautiful work with us all! Wishing you and your family many blessings for 2021! 🙂

  27. Happy New Year to you too. Thank you for the beautiful photos all last year – lovely projects, great locations, a little bit of dreaming that one day I shall be knitting/crocheting at the seaside too!

  28. Hi Eleonora, I just wanted to say how lovely your blog is. We live in York but I have a Masters in Marine stuff and I miss the sea so much. Your crochet patterns are beautiful, but I’m going to be honest, I’m more in awe of the fact you can lay out a picnic near your beautiful pooch and trust that it won’t be eaten. My beagle would have been off with those baguettes in a heart beat!!!!

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