Late Summer Sunsets Blanket…

Update July 2023: The pattern for my Late Summer Sunsets Blanket is now available over in my Ravelry and Etsy shops here:



Original Blog Post August 2019: I’m very excited to share with you all a new design which I’m super happy with…. my ‘Late Summer Sunsets’ Blanket!

The design is available at The Knitting Network and comes as a yarn pack together with the printed pattern… 🙂 Full worldwide shipping is available too! 🙂

I’m currently on holiday with my family camping in our van in Europe… my ‘Late Summer Sunsets’ Blanket has come with us and here it is during a beautiful sunset by Lake Titisee in the Black Forest, Germany…

This design is perfectly timed for those of you who have finished my Changing Tides Blanket and want another blanket project to get into… 🙂

Let me tell you more about it…

I was asked by ‘The Knitting Network’ if I would design a blanket to coincide with the launch of a new yarn range which they will be exclusively stocking. It’s called ‘Go-To DK‘ and is a great value, premium acrylic yarn. Here’s a little more about it…

Made in Britain with a recycled paper ball band, and available at the low price of just £1.69 for a 100g ball, it’s set to become a staple for every yarn stash. Machine washable and tumble dryer safe, it washes time and again, withstanding the rough and tumble of daily use. Available in 20 beautiful shades, Go-To DK is suitable for most DK patterns and is supported by a growing range of exciting projects from popular online bloggers and designers.’

Visit for more info.

I was very happy to oblige in designing a new blanket! 🙂 I was sent some samples in a wide variety of colours and I was somehow drawn to these sunset colours..

Living on the south coast of England, from early spring and through the summer months the sun sets over the land to the west of us…

Then from September and through the winter we enjoy sunsets over the sea…

Having those stunning sea sunsets to look forward to is one of the things which helps ease us into autumn and winter after those summer months!

So the name ‘Late Summer Sunsets‘ sprang to mind – to celebrate those evenings in late summer when the sun finally sets over the sea once more! And here’s my inspiration…

I really enjoyed designing and crocheting this blanket. It’s an 11 row repeat so crocheting it is the kind of crochet that doesn’t require too much concentration once you have the repeat in mind, which is quite nice once in a while…

And the colours I used are just perfect to reflect those sunsets…

It was a pleasure to crochet with the ‘Go-To DK‘ yarn exclusively available from The Knitting Network…

It’s lovely when I can finally share a project that I’ve been working on behind the scenes. The team at the Knitting Network have also written a blog post about it so do have a look here if you’re interested in that…

The Knitting Network Blog

I hope you like it as much as I do… 🙂

Happy Crocheting Everyone… 🙂


  1. Beautiful simply LOVE the colours!! Enjoy your holiday…..busy with your stash blanket as a baby blanket. Will post a pic as soon as I am finished – baby boy

    1. I love the colors and now I know what my next project will be. What are the measurements of your finished blanket?
      Thanks for sharing your creativity.

  2. Just ordered this pack to take on holiday with me…it will be perfect as it has a printed pattern and I may not always have wifi for downloading patterns. Thank you!

  3. Hi Eleonora
    Can I get the pattern for this beautiful blanket without buying the pack as I would like to crochet it in cotton ?
    Thanks Jane x

  4. I just finishing crocheting a seagull then onto your seagull bunting. Then seaside stash busting blanket So therefore sunshine and sea always here on the south coast🙂 Happy late summer crocheting🌞

  5. Wow this is gorgeous. Wish it had been released last week setting off for a month in Italy tomorrow so no time to order, it would have been perfect as it reflects the sunsets I am hoping to have on my holiday.

  6. Thankyou so much for the free pattern , I am keen to make it but I am nearly half way through making the changing tides which I am really enjoying making it is very addictive as I am eager to see the next pattern row and colour .

  7. I’ve just accidently pressed the order button , don’t tell anyone, couldn’t resist the beautiful colours and the beautiful sunsets , enjoy your well deserved holiday

  8. Eleonora, this is such a fat and happy blanket! It perfectly captures the Late Summer vibe which is so different from early summer.
    xxoo, m & jb

  9. I love this design and the colours are gorgeous. Did you use all of the wool or were there bits left? I want to order extra balls to make two blankets . I hope you don’t mind me asking?

  10. Just ordered my pack, love your designs, done a seaside stash blanket and just on week 2 of the changing tides blanket, this will be next. Its a beautiful design

  11. I live in New Zealand, and, Ive had a crochet ‘block’ for a while, then saw your latest pattern, went wow! and went to the website to order it, when I got to payment it shows the cost of postage is as much as the cost of the package, ugh… I guess I got to wait till my birthday, next year :’(

    1. So glad you like the pattern Hannah… The Knitting Network do provide reasonable international shipping and I thought it was only £7.99 to post the pack to NZ… so it may be worth checking again… good luck! 😊🌅❤️

  12. I would love to work this pattern but in another colorway.. I hope the company carrying the yarn pack will consider color choices! Forest, jewel or autumnal. Please consider!

  13. just about to start your wonderful stash busting blanket but then I saw this and decided to do this instead but I can’t find the pattern. I need to use up my yarns which I have as i work in UAE and need to reduce luggage kgs so don’t want to be buying in more yarn. thanks for sharing your wonderful camper hol pics.

  14. Love the kit but I have to mention that one of the colours is very different to the photo advertising the kit. The kit includes an Almond colour which is clearly blue in the photo. Creates a different looking blanket than in the photo – slightly disappointing. 😔

    1. Sorry to hear that Fiona… a few people have mentioned this to me… the colours really are the same in my blanket but the dark fading light of the sunset photo does seem to show a blue… a lesson to be learned in ensuring daylight photos too! 💙💙

  15. Just been on knitting network and your summer sunsets pack is sold out , is there anyway I can get the pattern and then order yarn separately

    Many Thanks
    Carole kelly

  16. Hello,
    Fairly new to crochet. I purchased your summer sunset blanket. I am not clear about the bobble stitch row. Are you carrying 2 yarns in this row? I searched around for some kind of tutorial but could not find one. Thanks

  17. Eleonora, just love this but it never seems to be available for sale any more. Do you think it will ever be on the Knitting Network again?
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Pamela…thank you for getting in touch… I will find out from them and get back to you… my understanding is that they will get more stock but the current situation has caused a lot of difficulties with certain supplies… ❤️❤️❤️🌅🌅

      1. Thank you, Eleanora. I have plenty to do so am happy to wait. Maybe they can’t get the yarn in at the moment. Thank you for asking them.
        Loving the CAL!

  18. Hi again Eleanora, did you ever hear back from the Knitting Network. Maybe they could re issue the kit using Colour Crafter or SSDK if they can’t get Go To yarn any more. Or just sell the pattern on its own. Fingers crossed x

      1. Hi Eleanora, that’s sensible and really welcome news. I think you could relaunch the new pack as many people are keen to crochet all your designs after the success of the Beachcombing Blanket. The colours of the Sunset Blanket are truly gorgeous. I will be the first to buy the new pack!! Have fun and thank you!

  19. Hi Eleonora, I really want to make your Late Summer Sunsets blanket, but the kit is out of stock, and I can’t see the list of colours to order directly if I order the pattern online. Please can you let me know which colours to order? I love the look of this blanket. Thank you.

    1. Hello there… I designed the ‘Late Summer Sunsets’ blanket exclusively for The Knitting Network’ so the pattern rights belong to them and I am unable to provide the pattern separately. Hopefully they will get more stock in soon…. ☺️💙

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