Canalside Scarf…

img_4047It’s here at last… the pattern for my ‘Canalside Scarf’! This design was inspired by a recent narrowboat holiday that I wrote a blog post about…

Crochet on the Canals…

I’m offering this design as a free pattern and the link to the PDF is towards the end of this blog post.

I used a 100g skein of hand dyed yarn and a 20g skein in a contrasting colour from ‘Country Mouse Yarns‘ – I wrote a blog post about these gorgeous yarns here…

‘Country Mouse Yarns’ – monthly yarn box…

These colours are perfect for a canalside scarf… the colours of the water, skies, boats and endless countryside we enjoyed are all there… 🙂 The scarf is a long, skinny scarf… really inspired by those long and narrow boats!

I started it at the beginning of our canal holiday and the time on the narrowboat was perfect for making quick progress…

And then providing a good space to finish and block it on the go…

Just in time for me to photograph it and wear it in the surroundings that inspired it…

It’s a really comfortable light weight scarf and I love wearing it! 🙂

There were so many beautiful photo opportunities…img_4097

And here’s the pattern if you’re interested…

Canalside Scarf

Enjoy it and Happy Crocheting… 🙂


  1. Hi, I’m from Australia, my dear friend is on holiday in England on a canal boat with her cousin, a perfect project for me to do for her. Thankyou

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  2. Thanks for the pattern and your interesting post. I live very close to the North Norfolk coast and do a lot of narrowboating with Girlguiding. I also share a passion for all kinds of crafts so lovely to come across a person with like-minded interests and the wonderful inspiration and patterns on your blog x

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