Christmas Supplement Designs!

I know it’s not even September yet and I’ve mentioned Christmas (!!) but I’m so excited to share that I have designed a Christmas Supplement for Simply Crochet Magazine and it’s out in the UK today!

I was approached by the Magazine Team and asked to design some decorations for a Christmas Supplement to go with Issue 75. Of course it’s still a long time until Christmas but the idea is that they wanted to give their readers some Christmas decoration designs early in the season so that there’s plenty of time to get them crocheted!

And here are my seven designs…

A Bell…

A Candle…

Cinnamon Sticks…

A Present…

A Gingerbread Tree…

A Star…

And a Colourful Bauble…

I am so happy with the way the decorations have been photographed and styled…

Although I did take some photos myself before I sent them off back at the beginning of July…

I spotted this gorgeous pine tree outside our local shopping centre… I did get some looks from passers by as I took photos of these decorations. I was designing and making these back in June when the warm summer weather was in full swing. It really did feel strange to be thinking about cosy Christmas ideas and then actually crocheting Christmas decorations during a heatwave!

I’m really happy with the designs and although I had a few other ideas too, the magazine team wanted really ‘obvious’ Christmas designs so these are all pretty traditional… but the bright pink colour and bobbles give a slightly modern twist!

Here are some initial samples that I took to Bedgebury Pinetum… we went there back in June and I was just playing around with ideas and my own scraps of yarn at the time… there were some amazing coloured pine trees which were perfect for photographing Christmas decorations! It’s over an hours drive away so I never got the chance to photograph the actual finished samples there…

I mixed and matched the colours and made a few of each design in different colour ways which is fun. So if you want to make these yourself, all the patterns are in the Christmas Supplement which comes with Issue 75 of Simply Crochet.

I also have a Flower Shawl design in the main magazine and there’s a little interview with me together with 4 other designers about out lightbulb moments in crochet…IMG_1429(1)img_1432

More about those in blog posts at another time… 🙂 🙂

Happy Crocheting Everyone! 😊


  1. Eleonora, I love to see how your crochet career is blossoming.

    I love the idea of these being hung on gifted bottles of wine! And I’m with Cathy about the shawl, it’s gorgeous. I don’t always buy the magazine but I certainly will this month!

    Well done and congratulations 💜💛💜

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  2. I was so excited by the cristmas supplement – i know some people hate those first reminders or christmas but I love them! They make me feel so warm and happy. I especially love the cinnamon stick decoration. Very festive.

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  3. I just love your crochet christmas present. How can i get the directions here in the US. I looked on Ravelry although I do not see an option to purchase. Thanks in advance for any help.

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  4. Hello! I’ve been eagerly looking all over for issue 75 just to get your booklet! Sadly-in the USA issue 75 came with a different (although adorable) supplement. I’m glad to see you’ll be able to put them up on Ravelry eventually. I’ll b able to make them next year. Thanks for all your beautiful and inspiring crochet!

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