Bluebell time again…

Every year when the Bluebell flowers pop up we make an effort to go and see them. We are lucky to live only a short drive away from lots of woodland. There’s beautiful Friston Forest  and Stanmer Park which we have visited previously. And this year we decided to go to gorgeous  Abbots Wood for our annual Bluebell hunt…

And it wasn’t long before we found them…

I wrote a blog post about Bluebells last year which you can read here and I also designed a simple Crocheted Bluebell pattern which is still available…

Crocheted Bluebell

I no longer have my crocheted Bluebells from last year as they were passed on as a gift, so in the car on the way to the woods I crocheted another one…

Quickly looking for yarn to use before we left I found the perfect colour match under my bed… but it’s an Aran weight yarn and feels quite thick. It’s Rowan Yarn ‘Cotton Rope’ which I must have had for a long time as it’s a discontinued yarn, no longer available!

So although my crocheted version isn’t as delicate as the real thing this year, I was really pleased with the colour match and so happy with these photos!

We’ve had amazing weather here over the last few days… perfect for a walk in the woods! 😊😊 I often prefer the forest to the beach when it’s really hot… the shade is welcome and there’s no shade on our local beaches… although you can of course cool down in the sea! We used the opportunity of glorious weather and calm seas to go kayaking this weekend too…

Thanks as always for visiting my blog… 😊💜💜


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