Coastal and Crochet Easter Decoration…

IMG_4316As many of you already know, I love combining my coastal finds with my crochet! And this week I’ve decorated a piece of driftwood with Springtime crochet makes to create a decorative Easter wall hanging. 🙂 It’s only 2 weeks until Easter Sunday although as I sit and write this it is actually snowing outside –  pretty unusual for our South East Coastal Corner of England!

This Easter decoration is really easy to do and here I’ll show you how…

First find a piece of driftwood…


Then find a shell – I found this large shell but lots of smaller ones would also work…


Then crochet flowers – I used my pattern for Crochet Daffodils


Then crochet a flower garland. I crocheted mine a few years ago and wrote more about it in a blog post about Glastonbury-Festival-Crochet



Then crochet some Mini Hanging Baskets which I designed and wrote the pattern for a year ago… Pattern-for-mini-easter-hanging-basket


And finally arrange all your makes around the driftwood! Wrap the garland around it, attach the flowers with craft wire, use glue to attach the shells and very small hooks underneath the driftwood from which to hang the Mini Baskets.

Attach picture hooks to the rear of the driftwood ready for hanging on the wall… and enjoy!


Happy Crocheting Everyone… 🙂 🙂



  1. You are very talented.I crochet as well… At the moment trying to make a 50 hats for premature babies… Done 20 so far. Getting there 🙂

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