Tunisian Crochet and Cross Stitch…

So it’s back to some Tunisian Crochet for me. It’s been about a year since I last did some (some of you may remember My Tunisian Crochet Shawl) so it felt like learning all over again. Getting used to the BIG Tunisian hook took a little perseverance but these things do come back quickly and I’m in full swing already…




This sample is to be submitted for the crochet diploma and a requirement for this sample is that it should have a cross stitch embroidery design worked on top.

Cross Stitch!? Now there’s something I haven’t done since Primary School! I have a vague memory of having to cross stitch a bookmark when I was very little- does anyone else remember cross stitch from their school days? I know that Cross Stitch is a very popular craft but it’s just not a craft that I’ve done at all in my adult years… until now!

I was going to embrace this new craft skill so firstly I worked on a design and went to W H Smith to buy a maths exercise book (there are probably lots of online design grids but I still like pencil and paper!)


And then I consulted my ever helpful mother for some cross stitch tips – I get too frustrated with You Tube clips as some are brilliant but some are rubbish and so many just contradict each other! One person will tell you this way, another will tell you that way! My mothers way made sense so off I went.

How I loved it! A whole new craft skill and I so enjoyed it! Tunisian Simple Stitch produces a fabric that has a grid like appearance so it’s just perfect for adding some cross stitch…


I’m pretty pleased with this for a first attempt and would love to do more. The strange thing is having never heard of crochet and cross stitch being combined, since completing this earlier in the week, I’m now seeing it everywhere. There’s a whole feature on it in this months Crochet Now magazine which came out yesterday and the Scheepjes crochet-along is also featuring some cross stitch with photos being shared on Instagram. http://www.scheepjes.com/en/cals/scheepjes-cals/scheepjes-cal-2017/information/

I’m going to be sticking with Tunisian crochet for a little while. There are more samples to be submitted for my course and I have a design in mind bubbling away that I’m going to have to try out…

But I did get to crochet two more triangles this week too…


and my Little Box of Crochet arrived with a sweet little make to crochet with these delightful little balls of gorgeous coloured yarns…


As always, just not enough hours in the day!

Happy Crocheting… 🙂 🙂



  1. Oh lovely Tunisian crochet, and neat triangles, it’s nice to see what sort of thing I’ll have coming up in the course. Unfortunately my last batch of samples ( including the Tunisian squares) got lost in the post, so I have to re-do them all! Oh well practice makes perfect as they say.. ohh my little box of crochet landed yesterday as well, it’s so yummy, my first one but definitely won’t be my last! Have a lovely weekend.

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      1. Good idea, I will definitely be doing that with the bigger projects. Just trying to get all the swatches out of the way first. Oh I will enjoy my little box of crochet it so pretty I don’t want to start it but just Ooo and ahh for a bit haha.

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  2. I live that cross stitched design, it’s absolutely perfect with the background. I prefer pencil and paper too when designing and have plenty of ‘supplies’ from doing a geography degree. Sadly Mr C knows where I keep it and keeps using it to design sheds!

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  3. Your cross stitch design is clever and works so well, Eleonora. I really am not that keen on stitching with needle and thread so cross stitch would be a huge challenge. The colours of the sea behind are beautiful and delicate. Lovely ! xx 🌸🌸

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  4. Very inspiring! I must say, the cross stitch sample was one that I was putting off! Not that I’ve crocheted in a while, so I won’t be trying it anytime soon.. But your sample is very imaginative,and I hope you get top marks 🙂

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  5. I love your fishy square. Yes I too did cross stitch at school ok bright pink Aida and pulled the outside stands off to make a fringed mat for my bedside table – it’s probably still kicking about in my Mum & Dad’s loft! Not attempted Tunisian yet… will put it on my ‘to try’ list 😊

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