What I crocheted for Christmas…

Just a quick post this week to show you all what I crocheted for Christmas gifts this year…


For crafty people who make Christmas gifts for others, it always feels like an under cover mission, trying not to reveal what it is your making until the big day!

This year I crocheted these baskets for my loved ones from the fabulous book ‘Modern Crochet’ by Molla Mills.



They were quick, easy and fun to make, as well as practical and nice looking gifts to give so an all round winner I think. The only downside was that the Hoooked Zpagetti yarn with a 12mm hook really did take its toll on my wrists. Crocheting these, combined with increased computer usage at my work, caused my wrists to really hurt 🙁 Not wanting to cause any long term damage I didn’t crochet for a whole week which was incredibly hard for me! It’s been a worthwhile lesson though and it’s made me very aware of the consequences of not looking after my hands. I’m being ever so careful both at work and in my crochet now…


On New Years Eve we had a walk along Eastbourne seafront. So calm and peaceful, it was a good end to 2016. I’ve finally finished this Granny Square Blanket but still have over 700 ends to weave in so I’ll reveal it in it’s full glory as soon as I get that tedious job done (the not so fun part of crochet!)



After a suggestion by @Jillsbooksandhooks on Instagram, I have put all my sea glass into jars-  a great way to store as well as display it all…


I hope your first week of 2017 has been a good one…

Happy Crocheting when you get the chance! 🙂



  1. Love it all! Good plan for the sea glass! Always slightly concerned in case any dropped in the food you were making on the stove!
    Those baskets are beautiful, but not worth long term injury! Catch up soon x

  2. Lovely! Those ends….. What a daunting task! Maybe next time try and do them as you go. Good luck! I know what you mean about not crocheting for a while, I went about 3 weeks and it was awful. Now I’m back to it I can’t put it down! Xx

  3. I love those baskets! I have been thinking of crocheting some to store my grandson’s toys here at my house. They are overflowing the soft cube I got for that purpose after getting more toys for Christmas. 🙂

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