An Autumnal Walk and a Crocheted Mobile Phone Case…

Autumn has definitely arrived and the chilly mornings are a sudden reminder of the shorter darker days to come. We had one of the warmest Septembers on record here in England this year so Autumn has now come suddenly. Although I miss the warmer days of summer I do look forward to the cosiness of this next season. And of course those gorgeous autumnal walks. We managed one last weekend and as you can see the changes of colour to the trees has also  begun…



There are acorns in the trees…


…and sweet chestnut’s falling to the ground…


On this particular walk we came across a ‘woven woodland’ – an activity for people to get involved with. We were invited to find colourful things from the forest around us and weave them into the display. It looked fantastic…



and I couldn’t resist adding my crochet (which always comes along in my bag!), for just a moment…


As for crochet projects this week, I’ve crocheted myself a new  mobile phone case. I have had the same phone (and case) for sometime now but a new phone which is a little bigger than the last means my old case no longer fits 😦


As always, inspired by my coastal surroundings, I started a chevron pattern in blue, beige and white – the colours of the sea, sand and waves…


Here it is in progress, photographed on the beach this morning.


It was a super quick project and by this afternoon it was finished…


How I love a quick, easy and practical crochet project once in a while!

The white piece of crochet in the photo taken in the woodland is a crochet top I’m currently making, just for fun. Hopefully I can share more about that with you next week.

As ever, thanks for visiting and Happy Crocheting 🙂




  1. Autumn really has come suddenly hasn’t it? I do love it though! I’ve not seen anything like that Woven Woodland project before, I’ll have to see if the forestry commision own any woodland around where I am, it’s a lovely idea!

    The chevron case is very nice, I am quite the fan of chevrons at the moment!

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      1. Apparently we have two forests looked after by them within an hours drive so I may drag my husband out for a wander this weekend!

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    1. Thank so much Cathy. We used to have a wood burning stove. Our new house doesn’t have one and I really I’ve said so many times these last couple of weeks “if we had the wood burner I’d have lit it tonight!” Especially cosy after an autumnal walk! Enjoy 🙂 🙂


  2. Love your autumn photography; the last few weeks have been stunning and now the leaves are beginning to turn. I have same problem as you with my new phone – case not quite big enough. Your chevrons are great and the colours are definitely your coastal colours. We are going to Widemouth Bay, Cornwall at half term with the family – love time at the seaside. 🌸🌸😊😊 x

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  3. Lovely pictures. Here the leaves are already dropping and we’ve had our first frosts. Some parts of Canada are already seeing heavy snowfalls! Your phone case is cute, more and more I’m looking to my surroundings for inspiration.

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  4. Autumn is my favorite season with the cool evenings that just beg for a snuggly sweater or afghan. And your phone case turned out so nice–lovely colors and perfect for your purpose! The woven woodland piece looks like something out of A Midsummer’s Night Dream. A great idea!

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