Campervan Crochet!

It’s now time to mention that we have a beloved campervan we call ‘Ruby’. We are very lucky to have her and in the 5 years since we got her we have travelled many miles around Europe going as far north as Skagen in Denmark to South East across the Alps to Venice in Italy, South West to the northern coast of Spain and many times to The Netherlands. We’ve enjoyed some fabulous holidays camping in her. She’s not a pretty campervan but a reliable Volkswagen T5.

As the exterior is rather bland, the interior has become my focus for creating that retro campervan feel and what better way to do that then to adorn her with crochet creations! Here is the  triangle bunting I featured last week which I crocheted from a pattern in Issue 8 of Simply Crochet magazine –

I love this crochet bunting I made for the inside of our van.
I love this crochet bunting I made for the inside of our van… well as the daisies on the curtains!
…as well as the daisies on the curtains!
I think the seating area is crying out for some granny square cushions. It's on my long 'to do list...'!
I think the seating area is crying out for some granny square cushions. It’s on my long ‘to do list…’!

Whenever we go on holiday I always bring a bag of crochet and knitting supplies with me in the hope that I’ll be spending hours crocheting the day away. However, three children, a dog and a husband don’t always allow for that and a holiday to Northern Spain in April this year didn’t even see the bag of yarns and patterns opened!

However, last year in The Netherlands I was able to snatch a little crochet time and here I am trying to make a new fastening for the Bicycle dog basket. Oh and that’s our lovely little dog called ‘Salty’ by my side! She’s a Miniature Schnauzer and is also a cause for more crochet creations! I have lots of ideas for how I can adorn her with crocheted bits and bobs!! Watch this space…

Crochet time on holiday!
Crochet time on holiday! So yes, I was able to crochet but it was on a practical level and those granny square cushions for the Campervan are still on my ‘to do list’…!

We find that people are often amazed when we awake in the mornings and out of the van we all come, one by one! “How do you all squeeze in!?” we are asked. It always takes a few days of adjusting but then it just flows and we feel we can keep on going, enjoying the campervan way of life!

We are off to somewhere very exciting in Ruby soon- and it will be somewhere where there’s bound to be some crochet inspiration! More details next week….

Happy Crocheting!


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